Pro Turkey Calls App Reviews

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This turkey app

This app isnt any good it has bad sounding noises taken from the Internet

Good app - does whats described.

Cant use electronics calls in Pennsylvania but I use it to practice my calls. Not perfect but good. I went on a guided turkey hunt last year and these calls sounded pretty close.

Pro Turkey Calls

Poor sound quality, too much background noises.

Not too good

To much background noice. You could never call a turkey with this

Horrible quality

Obviously there are absolutely NO standards for people offering apps for sale. The background noise is greater than the sounds. This is pitiful and I want my money back! You should be ashamed of yourself to put this out for sale!

Call Rating

Sounds great and priced right!

Not worth the 99 cents

This app has very poor sound quality. Theres a lot of background noise and many of the calls are not realistic sounding. Glad I only wasted .99!

Bad app

I also downloaded this app three times and still no sound plays on my IPAD

Total Crap

No sound at all IPad 3

No Sound

This app does not work

Not Happy!

No sound!

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